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Happy birthday to my favourite Ice Princess, Jessica Jung ♥ Let’s wish Hyoyeon gives sth pretty to her lol

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“People say she’s cold and gain the nickname ‘Ice Princess’ but she’s actually very kind and not strong.”

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happy 25th birthday princess mao mao! \(^O^)/

thank you for blessing us with your dumb for another year! i can’t put a number on how often you make me smile, so i hope your special day (and every day that follows) is filled with as much happiness as you give me and all of your fans. continue being your qt, adorable sweetheart self for many, many years to come jessi! ilu girlie ♡

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happy 25th birthday jessica!

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Hyoyeon being flawless requested by izuiki

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you are my angel, come from above to bring me love.

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89.04.18 Happy Birthday Sica

Jung Sooyeon Instructional Manual—> She might look grumpy and strong on the outside but she is very sweet and adorable on the inside. Provide her with air conditioner, a bed, and lots of food, it will make her very happy. Let her sleep a lot and NEVER let her run even if she is late. 

Happy Birthday Sica! You have been an inspiration throughout these years. Thank you for being a role model and an impressive unnie. You are such a wonderful person with a very kind heart and I hope you have the best day ever. You deserve all the love you receive. Have a happy day and continue to be happy this year and next year and next next year, forever. I love you. 

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Reasons to stan Kim Hyoyeon [part 5]

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